Kata Kata Ceramics

Kata Kata is the brand created by two textile designers Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai, based in Tokyo.  Their distinct animal characters  – whales, orangutan, bears, bird and hyena – are formed from simple linework and a minimal colour palette screen printed onto fabrics using the traditional katazome technique. Their popularity has led to a range of stationery – cards and letters.

Classiky (or Kurashiki Design Planning company) makers of homewares with a quirky, fun aesthetic, have worked with Kata Kata to create a ceramics range - the animal characters and Kokeshi dolls. The ceramics maintain their naïve, hand-drawn style.

Handmade Japanese Ceramics

Premium Handmade Japanese Ceramics for the Discerning Homeowner

We bring you exquisitely crafted handmade Japanese ceramics. Each item pleases the senses and tells a story.

What You Can Expect from Hands On Workshop Regarding Japanese Ceramics

Kata Kata, a brand fashioned by Tokyo-based textile designers Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai, worked with artisans to create a collection of handmade ceramics.

They create their pieces using simple linework and a minimal colour palette to produce designs that complement any décor. Whether you have a taste for the classic or the contemporary, you’ll find an item well suited to your space.

  • Dishes.Delight your guests with these enchanting dishes. You can use these versatile dishes as soap dishes or as jewellery keepers. Depending on your inclinations, you have the choice of an animal design, such as a cat, wolf, or whale, each of which comes in either a small 16.3cm or large 30cm size. Colours that you can choose from include bold or baby blue, rusty brown, soft red, and black; the wolf variation also comes in grey, which resembles a sketch drawing.
  • Ceramic chopstick rests. Amuse friends and family with our chopstick rests, inspired by the Kokeshi doll, a traditional children’s one-piece polished wooden doll.
  • Bean plate. These hand-printed bean plates matching the Kokeshi chopstick rests come in four different designs with your choice of botanicals and florals, such as bamboo grass, camelia, dandelion, and plum. These plates are ideal for serving soybeans, a staple in pre-meal snack.

What Sets Hands On Workshop Apart Regarding Handmade Ceramics?

Our ceramic wares, possess an originality created by Japanese artists, illustrators and textile designers.

  • Hand-drawn style. No two pieces in our collection of ceramics are the same. When you buy from us, you’re investing in a one-of-a-kind homeware product.
  • Distinct animal characters. The designs that we display on our ceramics spark the imagination: one can’t help but envision the animals in a fantasy setting. Let our pieces inspire a vision in which the albatross graces a blue sky, the bison grazes in a mountain valley, or the orangutan swings from the trees in a luscious green forest.
  • Quirky, playful aesthetic. These hand-drawn animal characters aren’t inspired by perfection. Instead, they capture the charm of an image drawn by the artist.

Why Trust Hands On Workshop?

Artisans use traditional techniques to make these original pieces with authentic dyes so the colour of your piece will not fade. Contact us for a handmade piece with a fresh, truly Japanese style.

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