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The most pressing FAQs are:

  • Why is the shipping so expensive? 
  • Why is the shipping so slow? 

We ship direct from Japan and we have been severely affected by very limited international flights, Covid staffing protocols and increased shipping costs worldwide. 

Please note these changes:

* For all our customers - please be aware there are delays to any international shipping because of limited flights and Japan Post suspending or limiting service to many countries 

* Japan Post is NOT SHIPPING to the USA, Australia, Canada, Russian Fed. Japan Post has suspended services. We can only use Fedex. The cost of Fedex is much higher than standard post. But it's QUICK.

* For customers from the EU and UK - Any local taxes and duties will be charged to the customer upon collection of goods, we are not provided with the amount charged in advance.

The new VAT laws for the EU (from July 2021) require a new tax to be charged for goods shipped into Europe from outside Europe. We have chosen to collect this tax directly during the ordering process. This means you will not be charged anything extra upon receipt of goods, unless it is a customs tax for your home country we are unaware of.  While it is early days, please be aware there may be a delay with your item due to this, although we are working with our shipping agents to meet all new labelling requirements. 

 * For US customers, we have many products in store in the US and orders will be despatched directly at local shipping rates. This is the USA collection we readily available in the US.

* For AUSTRALIAN customers, we are despatching a box of orders to Australia every 2-3 weeks. Then we will send it on to you. Our prices are less than directly sent to you with FedEx, but more than our usual postage charges. Select the "Fedex + local courier" option when you order . We are really trying to keep it at $15 for one item, $25 for a few small ones. Larger items have to be charged at a higher rate. Better to order lightweight smaller items.

If your shipping rate is really high, it's because it's based on the rate of a FedEx pack sent direct to you. 


To be kept up to date: Please add your name to our mailing list here:

* If your package is delayed, please check your tracking link first. If it has arrived in your country, the quickest way to find out is to contact your local post office and give them your Japan Post tracking number. We promise this is the fastest way.

We are very sorry we cannot provide our usual service as our options are so limited.

Our Japanese partners are really disappointed too.

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