We've got zippers, fasteners and Japanese sewing patterns translated into English for you to get your sewing project underway.

Sewing Patterns

Create With Beauty and Dignity: Sew Using Tools and Sewing and Stitching Patterns Made With Reverence

The ancient Japanese art of sashiko – The ancient Japaneses art of Kogin – the original form of invisible mending requires patience, skill and respect, joining several layers of fabric using ‘little stabs’ - a simple running stitch, with a twist in the thread for strength. Out of necessity and creativity, something old, frail and broken is reborn; stronger, more durable and distinctively embroidered to become a treasured and iconic folk textile and art form. Even today, the Japanese philosophy of Mottainai – regret over the ‘wasted opportunity of objects that have yet to reach their full potential’, spurs the reuse and repurposing of materials using this age-old craft.

Happily, this drive to combine, create and decorate is universal. We’re sure you’re equally passionate about sewing or stitching, pouring your labour and love into whatever you make. As the Japanese say, Hitotsu no jinsei, hitotsu no deai – ‘one life, one encounter’; each experience is fleeting and happens only once. So, cherish every moment. Stitch slowly, take time to savour your craft, and delight in the quality and grace of our authentic and beautiful Japanese handcrafted sewing patterns, fabrics, accessories and Cohana artisan tools.

What You Should Know About Our Sewing or Stitching Needle Sets and Other Accessories

We’re excited to offer you a wide range of superior quality, genuine Japanese sewing and craft products, including:

  • Cohana artisan tools:Whether you’re shopping for a sewing box, a tool bag, sewing scissors, spools, a tape measure for sewing or stitching, fabric weights or sewing needles and sets, you’ll find what you need in our specially selected range. Cohana artisan sewing tools are a product of the 65-year-old supplier, Kawaguchi, who sources and supports small artisanal manufacturers across Japan. Beautifully themed to reflect the colours of the seasons, these traditional producers design their pieces to be functional and elegant.
  • Stitching patterns: Our Japanese designers, Roll and May Me, add a clean ‘Scandi-Japandi’ modern edge to traditional everyday items. Consider a MELONE bag stitching pattern, a boat neck tunic dress pattern, an EGG oven mitt pattern, and SABA slippers and bag pattern set. Then, why not try your hand at sashiko with our Daruma Yumefukin option? Hand sew or stitch one of our 27 traditional symmetric geometric, floral or playful nursery pre-printed designs to create a delightful hand cloth or towel suitable for your kitchen, bathroom or baby’s room. Designs are available as a paper only some are digital, or translated.
  • Traditional and crafting fabric: We stock cotton Tenugui handtowels and cut cloth pieces for smaller stitching projects and crafting. Our sewing and stitching materials are perfect for patchwork, napkins, bags, pouches, lampshades, and other small art, craft, or stitching pieces. Attractive and eye-catching, our Tenugui is also ideal as decor, washcloths, tea towels, eco-friendly wrapping, or worn around the head or neck.
  • Sewing accessories: Shop our sewing accessory range for one-of-a-kind sets of marking and push pins, pin cushions and thread. Our Cohana pushpins made from shells are as delicate as Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms. Our steel marking pins made individually with pastel glass ‘Ohajiki’ are as unique as snowflakes in Onsen. Our cut glass, flower-shaped pincushions by Fukagawa Glass Kogei in Otaru are as enduring and dignified as the resilient artisans who make them. In addition, you can store all your sewing tools and accessories in our wooden Classiky sewing and stitching box. It offers a simple, classic design and ample space and sections for organising.
  • High-quality sashiko thread: Our Daruma thread is manufactured by the more than a century old Yokota corporation and hailed by its producers as the ‘highest quality sewing thread in the world’. Providing sewing or stitching and sashiko thread, needles and fabric, including yumefukin pre-printed cloth, Daruma takes care of all your sashiko needs.
  • Crafting products and accessories: While you’re here on our site, don’t forget to browse our other enticing craft materials and accessories, such as our delightful Trikotri kits. Make your own small pom-pom animal toys from wound woollen yarn combined with trimming and felting techniques. Japanese ‘pom-pom sensation’, Trikotri (Tsubasa Kuroda), is the author of several pom pattern books, including ‘inu pompon’ and ‘animal pompon’. Choose from the ready to use Daruma Bird series or the Bird or Cat and Dog series kits with pom-pom maker included. Each makes one or more fluffy animals and comes with English instructions. We also sell craft, papercraft, and embroidery products, homeware, kits and gift sets, so you’ll never run out of ideas on what to do or buy.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Our Japanese Sewing and Stitching Pattern, Tools and Accessories

The products, product quality and Japanese-style customer service we provide make us unique. However, we’d like to delight and surprise you with even more:

  • ‘Make your own’ tutorials: In addition to our obsession with Japanese sewing and stitching products and tools, we are also passionate about sharing our knowledge through workshops and how-to videos. Browse our online tutorial section for guidance, handy tips and tricks. For example, learn how to make a paper booklet, a pencil case, a Tenugui lampshade, how to tie your Tenugui to carry your water bottle or wrap a gift, and so much more.
  • ‘Maker of Japan’ tours: We love Japan and all things Japanese and would love to share this joy with you. So, we have partnered with experienced and knowledgeable Robert Day Travel to offer you informative tours around our beloved Japan. We are confident that your host, who is fluent in Japanese and well informed about local design, architecture and art, will make your journey unique and inspiring. Travel through Himeji, Kobe, Tokyo, Seki and Kyoto, visit factories, meet artisans, and attend workshops. Immerse yourself in traditional and contemporary craft-making such as printing, weaving, textile manufacture, ceramics, modern sashiko, scissors, knife and cutlery making, copper and woodcraft, and leatherwork. Visit our site regularly for details and dates.
  • Availability in a store near you: For your convenience, you’ll also find some of our products in stores, and elsewhere you may shop online, including in Modern Mending, Sew Mondo in Perth, Loom and Spindle and The Craft Squirrel in Victoria and Stitch Shop in New South Wales. We are also available in Me Made Mercantile in San Francisco, USA and Etsy.

Our products are so authentic they ship directly from Japan. This maker-to-door delivery provides peace of mind around quality and value for money but could also mean longer shipping times or slight delays. However, just remember: ‘Patience is power; with time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes silk’. So, please relax and be patient; we promise that the wait will be worth it.

About Hands On Workshop

We provide a lovingly curated collection of high quality handcrafted Japanese products using natural materials. As such, we don’t promise perfection. Instead, we offer the indefinable simplicity of Wabi-Sabi: the beauty of imperfection.

Our founder, Nicole, discovered crafting and workshopping after escaping the rigours of the corporate world. Finding herself immersed in the culture and ephemeral beauty of Japanese artisanal arts and crafts, and knowing that you would fall as much in love with these exceptional products as she did, she found a way to share these quality fabric patterns, tools and accessories. Now, you can enjoy these fine items while creating your own gorgeous wall art, clothes, bags, bedclothes, and so much more. Even if you don’t sew, these exquisite artefacts make attractive, interesting and impactful decor pieces and for those who love handmade in Japan.

So, perhaps stitching is your Ikigai, your reason for being? In that case, why not dream, design, and create with our delicate yet durable Japanese tools, patterns, textiles and accessories? Place your order today or get in touch with us to find out more or if you’d like to stock our products.

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