Traveler's Company Collection

Starting with a simple notebook with different refills in 2006, the Traveler's Company was born. The kraft paper bound books with spiral binding won fans in Japan and slowly around the world as visitors to Japan embraced this legacy stationery style when the world was going digital. 

New products were introduced in 2009, with brass accessories for the notebooks for bookmarking and labelling volumes. 


In 2011, the TRAVELER’S FACTORY store opened in a side street basement in Nakameguro, Tokyo to sell all the Traveler's Company products. Another opened in Narita International Airpot in 2014, then Tokyo Station in 2017, and at ShinPuhKan in Kyoto.

The Traveler's Company philosophy is to make the notebooks a reflection of "the travel which place in one’s daily life"  and they "propose a journey where one can express themselves freely". For the journaller, notetaker and analogue believer, the quality paper notebooks are an essential daily tool. 

Japanese Notebooks

Capture Priceless Moments with Our Japanese Notebooks

If you love to capture memorable moments by writing them down, we offer Japanese notebooks to serve as your travel companion and ensure that your adventures are beautifully captured. Our range of stationery also includes the writing tools you’ll need to record the sentiments of special occasions.

What You Can Expect From Hands On Workshop Regarding Japanese Journaling

For the tourist who wants to capture their experience, we stock the traveler's company notebook and sophisticated pens to complement them; these are the choices that await you:

  • Travelers’ notebook. These refined, spiral ringed journals come without or with paper pockets, giving you the option to store your tickets and receipts in them. We stock various page sizes such as A6 and A5, practical to carry around on your travels because of their small size. The B6 sized notebook has enveloped pages with windows so you can insert photos and postcards, as you would in an album, for a vivid record of your journey. You also have a choice of watercolour or craft paper so you can sketch or paint the landmarks and landscapes that have made the biggest impressions on you. For durability, although manufacturers have made the notebook cover from simple and natural texture paper, it’s saturated with resin for a lasting finish.
  • Brass pens. These worldly, solid brass pens come in either fountain or rollerball type, which offers smooth writing, but a no less elevated experience as both contain cartridge ink. You can attach the brass fountain pen cover to the back for extended length, and it has a removable metal ring that lets you clip the pen onto a pocket or notebook. Ink colours come in dark blue or black.
  • Coloured pens. We have a wide range of coloured pens for journaling so you can make your daily entries with pens from our Zebra range that cater to every mood, where you’ll find a set of five cool or friendly colours. You can also use our marker or retractable gel pens for card making where you have the option of refreshingly bright or outstanding fluorescent colours.

We sell bundles of leather offcuts to assist you in your custom made leather accessories: We work closely with Danke, a leather accessories maker in Kobe who custom makes pieces – mouse mats, wallets, key rings – from the smoothest horse leather to last a lifetime. You can choose your preferred colour of thread and shade of leather to create an unforgettable gift.

What Sets Hands On Workshop Apart Regarding Brass Stationery

Besides being spoilt for choice with our collection of novel notebooks and our wonderfully curated range of pens, these are some of the other ways in which we offer our clients value:

  • Quality. Our curated range of stationery makes use of only the finest material for an experience that true stationery lovers can appreciate.
  • Variety. The pens in the Zebra retractable gel pen range come in various colours to awaken the senses, such as tropical mango, cotton candy, blueberry smoothie, Hawaiian pineapple, and mint shower. Our felt tip markers also provide diversity in the hues that range from light to standard to dark.
  • Quantity. We cater to different projects and varying budgets where you have a choice of a five pen to 36 click art piece set.

Related Products We Offer to Japanese Notebooks

Whether you’re using our stationery for work or fun, these are some of the other products we offer to craft a piece that stands out because of its intricate design:

  • Washi tape. You can use this adhesive paper tape, which we know as masking tape, for gift wrapping and cardmaking with a Japanese touch, such as the BGM range, which includes cherry blossom designs.
  • Rubber stamps: The Osco Lobo range offers various patterns, alphabet letters and even notes such as ‘don’t forget’ and ‘thank you’. You can also find images such as spiderwebs, birds, hedgehogs and bears.
  • Pencil cases: Writing implements can be carried in Cohana’s fabric tool wrap, which rolls up ready to pack neatly in a work bag. The paperboard pencil case is made from solid paperboard folded into a neat rectangular box. When unpacked at the work space, it unfolds, like origami to sit flat on a desktop. For practicality, it’s weighted inside with a magnet to keep pins and paperclips in place.

Why Trust Hands On Workshop?

We bring you products stemming from our passion for Japanese crafts, and we use the knowledge we have accumulated from our close relationship with our Japanese partner to bring you the best of what its artisan culture offers.

Contact us for craft kits, tools and accessories that inspire the creative in you.

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