Cohana is a bespoke range of hand crafted sewing accessories made by Japanese craftsmen who specialise in their field. Each item has been custom made to showcase the skill and materials used by talented artisans across the many regions in Japan.

Mini Scissors

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes to Mini Scissors

At Hands On Workshop, we offer a variety of Japanese craft items, from mini scissors to pencil sharpeners and brass rulers. Our mini scissors come from faraway Seki, created by Hasegawa Cutlery in Japan, and these tiny scissors have the cutting ability to stamp them as dependable artisan scissors. The scissors are only 35mm long and finger-pinching size with beautiful handmade silk tassels. They come with a mini case covering the tip and high-quality leather protecting the scissors’ blades. They are the best addition to your crafting needs. For snipping away at small fabrics or tiny threads, mini scissors fit into the tiny spaces that need cutting.

What You Stand to Gain When You Buy Our Pencil Sharpeners

When it comes to your crafting toolbox, there’s a range of items you can’t go without; a brass ruler, pencils, and of course, you need pencil sharpeners. With a high-quality sharpener, you stand to gain the chance to craft with intact pencil flakes, and you may even protect your pencils from inner splits.

  • The traditional Japanese hemp leaf pattern on our pencil sharpeners have been around for decades as it’s both an amulet and a wish for the healthy growth of children. The tiny box has a hexagonal shape, and inside, you will find the steel sharpener and a space for the pencil flakes.
  • The design of this pencil sharpener originates from Nakajima Jukyudo, a Japanese manufacturer that makes small pencil sharpeners with high-quality blades that produce unbroken pencil shavings.
  • The amazing woodwork of the box comes from Mr Gin Yosegi Kobo, a craftsman of Hakone Yosegi-Zaiku parquetry. They frequently provide lectures and woodworking projects worldwide to showcase and share the fantastic techniques they learned through decades.

The Best Brass Ruler to Add to Your Toolbox

Aside from pencil sharpeners, you still need to add a brass ruler to your artisan tool kit, with each ruler having something unique to offer. They are so exceptional that we would understand if you ordered one of each.

  • The Cohana Japan Blue Brass ruler bookmark is a small bookmark with a laser engraving scale and marks known as “stars” at every 2.5 cm increment. The ruler has a curve for easier handling. However, the bookmark itself is flat. You can enhance your reading experience by including your crafting life in your reading hobbies. The bookmark comes with a blue cord and its own unique case.
  • Next, we have a handier ruler, the solid brass ruler at a standard 15cm. The golden lustre colour of the ruler becomes more profound with use, creating your very own antique Japanese brass ruler.
  • Our other brass rulers emulate the standards of the traditional Japanese bamboo rulers. The measurements don’t have Japanese or English values, only scale markings, making a beautiful gift for a sewist or craftsman.

Why Trust Hands On Workshop

At Hands On Workshop, we are incredibly enthusiastic about traditional Japanese arts and crafts, and we provide only the highest quality craft products and tools available. Our products come directly from Japan to ensure authenticity. We offer a wide variety of tools and products for crafters of every skill level. Order your favourite products online or contact us for any further queries.

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