Cohana Pin Cushion of Mini Masu

Cohana Pin Cushion of Mini Masu

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    • Japanese masu, wooden measuring boxes, have a 1,300-year history.

    • This skill and culture has been handed down by Ohashi Ryoki in Ogaki, Gifu prefecture.

    • This little masu wooden box, created with delicate craftsmanship, has been turned into a lovely pincushion that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

    • It is made from fragrant Japanese cypress, using dovetail joinery to securely hold the shape of the box.

    • The skills of a craftsman have produced a beautiful and functional mamemasu that is just 15mm(0.6 inch) square.

    • The fabric on the pincushion is a high-quality linen woven in Hamamatsu, which allows needles to pass smoothly through fabric.

    • The colours of the glass head pins match the pincushion.

    • 5 colourways to choose from


Japan's "Samurai" with a history of 1300 years. Mr. Ohashi, who is located in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, has made efforts to pass on its technology and culture. We made small mochi made by delicate craftsmanship into a lovely box that can fit in the palm of your hand. Using fragrant domestic hinoki, it is made with a technique called "Hairumi" that keeps the shape of the rose firmly. The fabric is made of high-quality linen woven in Hamamatsu, and the needle can pass through smoothly. The selected glass marking pin made with Tonbo dama method, have been selected in the same colour as the linen fabric on the box. 

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