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OSCOLABO Kumiai stamp sets
OSCOLABO Kumiai stamp sets
OSCOLABO Kumiai stamp sets

OSCOLABO Kumiai stamp sets

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OSCOLABO stamp sets 
Onigiri, sometimes the forest

When making the stamp pattern, he used colored pencils and watercolors to describe it, and it was devised so that the strokes of the shades of the colored pencils and the bleeding of the watercolors could be expressed.
You can feel the craftsman's commitment.
Use simple ingredients to make shiso, sesame seeds, green leaves and delicious rice balls of your choice.
If you think of it as a rice ball, it's strange that a forest with colorful fruits is created.
Enjoy an infinite world depending on the combination

Packaging size
3 pieces

Yama, sometimes Umi

Let's draw a natural landscape by incorporating simple materials.
Yamaga Island, spider lake, flapping waves.
Enjoy an infinite world with imagination

Packaging size
3 pieces

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