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Rubber stamps by Momoro: Fox series
Rubber stamps by Momoro: Fox series
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Rubber stamps by Momoro: Fox series

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  • This design shows the fox asleep next to coffee cup
  • Made from wood base and rubber stamp. 


Momoro is a children's book illustrator in Japan. 

Her popular bear, hedgehog and fox characters are now in rubber stamp form. Drawn in playful poses completing daily tasks – writing a note, holding a coffee cup, lounging on the postcode box, carrying a load or taking a nap. The author, Momoro describes them as “cherishing the movements of creatures which make us laugh and the combinations of colours that make us happy.”

With a simple linework reminiscent of European classics like Paddington Bear or Winnie the Pooh they are bound to make new fans outside Japan.

Appealing to kids and adults alike the wood and rubber stamps can be used for creating gift cards, comic strips, or adding your personal seal to letters, envelopes and gift wrap. 



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