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アジア、ヨーロッパ、オーストラリアのお客様にとって、日本郵便は自国に配信されなくなりました。私たちは、代替出荷の手配を取り組んでいます。ご注文を送り出せない場合は、ご連絡いたします。 あなたの忍耐をありがとう。
アジア、ヨーロッパ、オーストラリアのお客様にとって、日本郵便は自国に配信されなくなりました。私たちは、代替出荷の手配を取り組んでいます。ご注文を送り出せない場合は、ご連絡いたします。 あなたの忍耐をありがとう。
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Thera, the Oriental beauty, is a new skincare brand from Japan, using traditional Japanese natural scents to create fragrant oils and creams.

"Beauty and health products derived from the Kampo, ancient Japanese traditional medicine, pharmacology and aromatherapy to heal the problems of modern societies and people". 

Originating in Nara, the brand has skincare products, KOU using fermentation and brewing techniques.

KAI is the lipstick and fragrances made from plants;

KOU is Japanese made fragrances oil;

KAN is essential oils used for aromatherapy. 


Thera's packaging aims to create minimal environmental impact.  Thera has used clever Japanese wrapping and folding techniques to keep the amount of paper to a minimum. 

Thera's philosophy of respecting Nature's resources to create it's products also extends to the packaging. Unlike typical Japanese products, Thera's packaging is made from soft, pliable easily recyclable paper. It's called 'stone paper' which is made from inorganic mineral powder which does not use water in it's production. Using clever Japanese wrapping techniques to keep packaging to an absolute minimum, products are rolled in thick paper printed with all product information printed on the packaging. No extra leaflets, padding and layering.

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