Make these Easter Cards with Washi Tape

Make these Easter Cards with Washi Tape



Step 1

You will need :
    • Contact paper (clear adhesive book covering) or paper.
    • Easter themed templates (chicks, bunnies, eggs)
    • Washi tapes
    • Card stock for gift cards
    • Pencils or pale coloured marker pens

    • Try these free printable templates:
    • Bunnies, Bunnies 2   Easter eggs




    Step 2

    Trace the Easter-themed shape onto the backing paper side of the contact paper. Or if using paper, just draw the shape.   

    Step 3

    On the clear glossy side of the contact paper, stick strips of the washi tape in rows across the shape. Make sure the strips go over the outline. Don't forget to add details in separate colours, like the beak or wing on a chick, or a round tail on a bunny. 

    Step 4

    Cut around the outline of the shape, peel off the whole piece so it is like a decal. Adhere this new Easter decal to cards, trays or jars. 



    For more washi tape Easter craft inspiration, have a look at these from Tinsel & Trim 

    and The Fox and Star 


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