Traveler's Company Collection

Starting with a simple notebook with different refills in 2006, the Traveler's Company was born. The kraft paper bound books with spiral binding won fans in Japan and slowly around the world as visitors to Japan embraced this legacy stationery style when the world was going digital. 

New products were introduced in 2009, with brass accessories for the notebooks for bookmarking and labelling volumes. 


In 2011, the TRAVELER’S FACTORY store opened in a side street basement in Nakameguro, Tokyo to sell all the Traveler's Company products. Another opened in Narita International Airpot in 2014, then Tokyo Station in 2017, and at ShinPuhKan in Kyoto.

The Traveler's Company philosophy is to make the notebooks a reflection of "the travel which place in one’s daily life"  and they "propose a journey where one can express themselves freely". For the journaller, notetaker and analogue believer, the quality paper notebooks are an essential daily tool. 

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