Meet The Maker - Yumiko Higuchi - Embroidery Artist

Meet The Maker - Yumiko Higuchi - Embroidery Artist

She has published numerous books, including this from Vogue Publishing Japan. Her work is featured on her website and blog. All the work from design to embroidery and finishing are done by hand. The aim is to create works that are unique to Yumiko Higuchi, without being restricted by the traditional way of expressing embroidery. She says "The pictures I admired, the scenery that imprinted on my eyes, and the nostalgic things". Higuchi says her personal feelings of objects around her inform her work.

Yumiko Higuchi is an embroidery artist living in Tokyo recognised for her representation of flowers, plants and nature in the patterns and designs she creates.  She was born in 1975 and after graduating from Tama Art University, worked as a handmade bag designer. Since 2008, she has been absorbed in the fun of embroidery and established her creative work as an embroidery artist.

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Yumiko Higuchi's Seasonal botanical kits created with DMC Threads are available in the HOW shop.

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