Meet the maker: Momoro

Meet the maker: Momoro

Momoro first came to public attention when she won the Picture Book Magazine MOE Paper Contest in August 2013 with the top award for illustrations. Momoro published her first book in 2015 "Milk ga niyuin" Did you do it?! By Kumon Publishing, and won 1st prize in the Young Children's Literature Award. 

There are now eight other titles and the characters used in a growing range of gifts, toys, and merchandise.

The bear and porcupine characters of Momoro, the Japanese children’s story illustrator are now in rubber stamp form. 

Momoro’s cherished bear character and porcupines are in playful poses completing tasks – writing a note, holding a coffee cup, lounging on the postcode box, or carrying a load. They are doing what the author calls “cherishing the movements of creatures which make us laugh and the combinations of colors that make us happy.”

With simple linework reminiscent of European classics like Paddington or Winne the Pooh they are bound to appeal to a new audience outside Japan.

Appealing to kids and adults alike, with the rubber stamps you can add a Momoro touch to your own cards, stationery, or scrapbooking projects.

The simple rubber and wood stamps are ready to re-create your own ink illustrations for pictures, cards, and stationery.

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