Tutorial round up - Christmas crafting with threads

Tutorial round up - Christmas crafting with threads

Using thread and simple materials, we found some tutorials for creating Christmas decorations with handmade warmth.

Our Daruma Sashiko and Kogin threads come in a delicious array of colours to play with. 

Try this Hanging Christmas Tree from the fab Frankie magazine. Try using some of the colours in the Daruma Kogin threads range. 

Above, the wool bauble  is from Good Housekeeping.com and the String decorations are from One Little Project.

Below the wall tree is from Better Homes & Gardens. The freestanding tree centrepiece is from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. 

Here are some videos for Christmas Crafting w/ Threads

Making Handmade Christmas Felt Ornaments!

DIY: Felt Christmas Decorations

 Felt Christmas Ornaments

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