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DMC Darning Mushroom
DMC Darning Mushroom
DMC Darning Mushroom
DMC Darning Mushroom
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DMC Darning Mushroom

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A darning mushroom is a tool for darning socks to re-inforce the heel when the thread wears through.

Originating hundreds of years ago when a pair of warm wool socks would have taken days and days to make, a threadbare heel did not relegate the pair to the bin. 

With re-use and recycle the philosophy to adopt, a pair of pure wool socks is better repaired than thrown away. 

Put the 'head' or umbrella part of the mushroom under the woven fabric and stretch it over, holding the handle to stitch. It keeps the textile taught while you work the fabrics with rows of new thread. 

The tool comes with two 'heads' - the rounded mushroom and a narrow smoothed one which can be used for repairing fingers of gloves. The 'stem' of the mushroom stores the needles. 



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