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Meet The Maker: Tsubasa Kuroda

Meet The Maker: Tsubasa Kuroda

Tsubasa Kuroda is the designer of the animal pom pom kits made in collaboration with Daruma thread. Her instagram account shows off her talent for recreating the animal features as wool pom pom toys.

Here are some of hr interview from: Kokka Fabric

Q: We hear you worked at a craft shop after studying painting at the Fine Arts Department, Tokyo University of the Arts.

I got a job in Tokyo after graduating from university, but it didn’t last long. After that, I worked as a salesperson at a craft shop in Sendai for five and half years, where I was responsible for teaching workshops and making shop samples. It was a trial knitting lesson at the store when I started creating pom-pom works. I picked the pom-pom making project for the lesson because it was approachable and fun for beginners and children. I made very simple animals such as sheep and rabbits as my first project.

I enjoyed the indescribable texture as well as different patterns varied according to color combinations of yarns. I got hooked on making pom-poms. Going through trials and errors to learn how to make patterns, I crafted a chipmunk and a sparrow. I was deeply impressed by their cuteness. It was the moment when the pom-pom animals became my professional and personal craftwork.

Q: It was fateful, wasn’t it?

At first, I tried not mix my job with pleasure. However, the more I worked as the shop’s workshop instructor, the less boundary between work and hobby. I couldn’t stop thinking about work even while being at home, and finally I felt completely overwhelmed. After agonizing, I quit that job.

Q: Then you moved to a new job in the apparel industry.

I did. Being a salesperson at a clothing store, I submitted my entries to a handicraft competition named “The 1st Handmade Awards produced by Fujikyu x minne”. I wanted to go through that experience.

Q: You won the grand prize in it. Was your craft book published soon?

I actually got a few offers to make a pom-pom craft kit and publish a craft book just after receiving the award in February 2015. At that time, however, I was obliged to decline those offers because I had been employed by the clothing store. In that summer, when I quit that job, I received a book proposal from Seibundo Shinkosha. I finally made up my mind to work with the publisher to release my debut book.

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