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Leatherwork tool set - 7 piece starter kit (Seiwa)

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7 piece starter tool kit contains:

    • 2 Pricking forks

    • 1 Awl

    • 1 Base plate

    • Leather adhesive

    • Needle

    • Waxed thread

Please note: Mallet not included. But we recommend one for starting your leatherwork hobby.  

This is a tool set for those embarking on their leatherwork hobby. It contains a few basic tools to get you started stamping holes and hand sewing leather pieces together. You could make lots of little leather accessories with just these few tools from respected leatherwork tool maker Seiwa.

Made from quality steel, the two small forks (called "pricking forks") are used to stamp small slits in the leather, by pounding the tip of the tool with a mallet into the leather resting on the base plate. The slits become holes for sewing the pieces together. Two layers of leather are glued together with the tube of adhesive, with the needle and waxed thread stitched through the holes to sew the pieces in place. The awl assists with puncturing the holes and pushing thread through the hole.

Please note: The mallet and leather pieces are not included.

HOW sells bundles leather off cuts for $20.00. Email us to order one.



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