Cohana Push Pins - set of 5
Cohana Push Pins - set of 5
cohana-push-pins-set of 5
Cohana Push Pins - set of 5
cohana-push-pins-set of 3

Cohana Push Pins - set of 5

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    • Flower motif cut from Akoya shellfish

    • Made in Kawanishi town, Nara prefecture.

    • Gold needle made in Hiroshima

    • Push pins sets available in two sizes: Set of 3, Set of 5

  • Set of 5 contains one of each of the 5 colours.

"Akoya Shellfish", known as shellfish that grows pearls, and the delicate gold needle created in Hiroshima, the area of ​​the needle, are made into a pushpin. When you pierce a corkboard or a wall, it is loveliness as if the flower bloomed. Kawanishi Town, Nara Prefecture, is a production area with the largest production of shellfish buttons in Japan, even in lands without sea. Founded in 1913, Tomoi has responded to a wide variety of orders in the fashion industry with delicate technology and experience. Myoko-do is making a waiting needle and special pins that are required for the goodness of a cloth street in Hiroshima where the needle is produced. For polishing the tip of the needle, the technology of the craftsman who has been cultivated for many years shines. We are developing in four colours.

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