Classiky - Blue Cat Eggshell Cup
Classiky - Blue Cat Eggshell Cup
Classiky - Blue Cat Eggshell Cup
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Classiky - Blue Cat Eggshell Cup

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The Eggshell cup by Tomotatake and Maruo Nishiki  ceramic house.

Measures approximately 8cm wide at the top  x 7.8cm in height

This delicate ceramic cup is made by a porcelain manufacturer in the Gifu area who has been exporting porcelain to Europe since the Meiji era. The family is run by Okuda Masataka, the sixth generation owner.

Marunao Sekisho, is a kiln which has been operating for over 100 years, known as for making porcelain called “egg shell” that is as thin and light as an egg shell. The soft clay is stretched and molded and then put in the plaster molds. There are very few ceramic houses like this which have the expertise to work with the clay and adjust by using just trowels and fingertips. 

Eggshell porcelain is typically a thickness of about 1 mm, which makes it look slightly transparent when held over light. At first glance, it seems very fragile to hold in your hand, but since it is baked at a high temperature, it is surprisingly strong.

The design featuring the cat is the collaboration between Maruo Nishiki and Tomotake, a design duo who produce original cloth goods using mud dyeing and embroidery. The cat featured here is printed on the surface of the unglazed pottery. After that, it is baked at a high temperature with a transparent glaze, but when the design penetrates the melted glaze, subtle blurring occurs. But, the designers like that finish, they say "it makes me feel calm and I feel that it is connected to the kindness of the natural body". 

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