Nuno Deco Sheet


$11.00 /Roll

  • wide fabric washi tape
  • irons on
  • washable
  • 50cm long x 8cm wide
  • Cut shapes or strips
  • exclusive to Hands On Workshop

Product Details

Sheets is a product in the Nuno Deco range of iron-on fabric tape. It’s much wider than the standard rolls (8cm), which allows you to cut out shapes and stick them onto all sorts of things. It’s suited to clothing and fabric items (shoes, bags, pouches), but it works just as well on stationery and other bits and pieces. More width to add a crafty lift to the things in your life.

The Nuno Deco┬árange from Japan offers all the crafty fun of washi tape, but can be ironed on! Use it on fabric items and clothing for cute embellishments, or make your own colourful name tags. It’s washable which makes it very practical too. HOW cool is that? kawa-ii !

Have a look at some of the ways you can use it on Oh Creative Day’s blog post here.

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