Nuno Deco – Flake fabric shapes


  • Pre-cut shapes of Nuno Deco tape
  • Peel and stick, iron-on to secure
  • Washable on fabric
  • 2 colourways for each shape – Otome (pinks, yellows) or Hansamu (blues, greens. yellows)
  • Choose from 5 shapes:
    • Bow
    • Diamond
    • Dots
    • Star
    • Triangle

Product Details

Flake Fabric Shapes are a new addition to the Japanese craft tape brand, NUNO DECO. The colourful, patterned adhesive-backed tape which irons – on and is washable now comes in pre-cut shapes called FLAKE.

The iron on FLAKEs can be applied to fabric homewares such as cushions and curtains, clothing, stationery and even glass jars!


Additional information


Bow Hansamu, Bow Otome, Diamond Hansamu, Diamond Otome, Dots Hansamu, Dots Otome, Star Hansamu, Star Otome, Triangle Otome, Trianle Hansamu

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