Nuno Deco – Make your own library bag kit

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Nuno Deco crafting kit

4 rolls of Nuno Deco + calico bag


  • calico bag 30 cm x 40cm
  • 4 rolls of tape from the Nuno Deco original range.

Write colours of tape you would like  in the “notes” section of online order. Or let us choose for you. 

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Product Details

Get your crafting started with this kit of Nuno Deco from Kawaguchi. The innovative crafting tape can be cut into shapes and simply ironed-on to fabrics (or journal covers). This is an ideal gift for a young girl who is comfortable handling an iron. It’s washable too, which makes it even more user-friendly (We recommend you use a mesh washing bag when washing your items).

Kit contains 4 rolls of Nuno Deco tape and 1 drawstring calico bag.


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