Hinoki Pin Cushions



  • Small pin cushion which can be hung as lanyard while sewing
  • Base made from hinoki cypress
  • Fabric cover made from woven “banshu” textiles

*Ships direct from Japan. Standard delivery is 2-3 weeks. Express delivery is 1 week.


Product Details

The base, with its uniquely plump, round shape, is made from fragrant hinoki cypress from the Kii Mountains. The material creating the cushion is “Banshu weave,” produced in the North Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture.

The pin cushion themed with the Cohana colours of Daffodil, Rose pink, Mizuasagi green, Blue and Sky blue is filled with stuffing that takes pins easily, and does not cause rust. They can be worn around the neck while sewing to make them easy to reach.

The Cohana range of artisan sewing tools is produced by the 65 year old manufacturer of sewing supplies, Kawaguchi, who are also the makers of Nuno Deco. They have sourced small manufacturers across the regions of Japan to create a collection of artisan sewing accessories made by hand. Themed using colours which represent the changing seasons, the Cohana range are beautiful pieces designed as practical tools for craft and sewing fan. They are the perfect keepsake or gift for the craft-isan in your life.


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Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Yellow

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