Colour Cocktails (48cm) 2 square fasteners

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Colour Cocktails range

  • 48cm zippers with contrast colour teeth to fabric
  • Square fasteners
  • Ideal size for zippered tote bag

Images indicate colour option, they are not actual product.
The actual product has 2 zipper fasteners .



Product Details

Colour Cocktails are the range of colourful zippers from Chuko, Japan. Available in 18cm, 28cm , 38cm and 48cm lengths.

They come in a delicious range of colours, it’s hard to choose just one! Enjoy mixing and matching with fabrics to create your own individual project. They’re perfect to make zippered pouches and bags with Japanese fabrics.


Additional information


Brown/ teal, Dark blue/pink, Grey/ blue, Orange/ yellow, Pink/blue, Teal/ yellow

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