Cohana Thread Spools



  • High quality button thread in Flower-shaped wood spools
  • Presented in signature Cohana gift box
  • Measures: 65 W x 65 H x 8 D when packed
  • Weighs: 4g
  • Colours available: yellow, pink, green, blue, grey,black,white

Ships direct from Japan: Standard 2-3 weeks, Express 2-5 days

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Product Details

The small wood spools with thread are shaped like a horse chestnut flowers, and made by Golondrina, a small woodworking shop and craftsmanship laboratory that seems to leap from the pages of a picture book in the Suwa district of Nagano Prefecture. Each spool is carefully cut from wood, one at a time. Golondrina has a unique philosophy of “Things That Excite”.

High-quality button thread, developed with an exacting focus on performance by the sewing thread manufacturer Fujix (founded in 1921 in Kyoto), is wrapped around the spools. This all-purpose thread can be used for the many kinds of work you do with needles as well as simply sewing on buttons.

Fujix has developed a range of threads for a multitude of functions. You can turn the spool into an accessory by threading a string or metal fitting through the cut hole and create a lanyard, scissor sheath, or a necklace and earrings!

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Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, White, Yellow

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