Cohana Mini Scissors of Seki



  • Handmade small silk tassels
  • Cases are made from high-quality genuine leather
  • Mini-scissors have great cutting ability
  • Measures: 54mm W x 24mm H x 54mm D when packed in gift box, the tool itself is 38mm long.
  • Weighs: 17g
  • Materials: Body/Stainless cutlery Steel ABS Resin Case/Cow Leather Tassel/Silk
  • Colours available: yellow, pink, green, blue, grey

Ships direct from Japan: Standard 2-3 weeks, Express 5-7 days

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Product Details

These mini-scissors were created by Hasegawa Cutlery, a manufacturer of edged toold established in 1993 and located in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. You can cut with these scissors by gripping them with your fingers and pinching lightly.

Despite their small size, these cute mini-scissors have great cutting ability. They are the product of a scissors manufaturer’s pride; time-tested. Reliable craftsmanship; inventive ideas; and the production technology that forms their foundation.

The small silk tassels are carefully handmade by Imasato, a specialist in tassels and knots founded in 1907 and located in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture. For over 100 years, Imasato has been making tassels for Yame Chochin paper lanterns, which are a traditional handicraft. Imasato creates beautiful tassels that shine with subtle, artisanal skill.

The cases for these scissors are made from high-quality, genuine leather. Even when placed in a pencil case, purse, or drawstring pouch, they can be stored compactly, making them convenient for carrying.

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Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Yellow

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