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アジア、ヨーロッパ、オーストラリアのお客様にとって、日本郵便は自国に配信されなくなりました。私たちは、代替出荷の手配を取り組んでいます。ご注文を送り出せない場合は、ご連絡いたします。 あなたの忍耐をありがとう。
アジア、ヨーロッパ、オーストラリアのお客様にとって、日本郵便は自国に配信されなくなりました。私たちは、代替出荷の手配を取り組んでいます。ご注文を送り出せない場合は、ご連絡いたします。 あなたの忍耐をありがとう。
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Our Japanese friends

HOW has sourced products from these exclusive manufacturers to bring you the best craft kits, tools and accessories Japan has to offer.


Seiwa was founded in 1939 and specialise in fabric dyes, leatherwork tools and accessories. HOW stocks the following products from Seiwa:

Make U Leatherwork kits
Leatherwork and general craft tools
Konya Indigo fabric dye kits

When the company was founded in the thirties, Seiwa was a manufacturer of dyes and pharmaceuticals, and by the 1950s, it had concentrated on producing dyes for craftwork. In 1955 Seiwa established a leather craft school to serve the growing interest in leatherwork in Japan.

Since that time, while Seiwa has continued to produce high-quality dyes and materials, its craft school has taught traditional Japanese crafts such as Batik, Japanese fabric dyeing and Bingata (Okinawa-style dyeing), as well as modern dyeing techniques.

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Designer, Yasue Tsuchihira, founded Urukust in 2011. Her Yokohama based company produces innovative, handmade leather products that combine vegetable tanned, full-grained leather with a design style focused on simple structures.

Yasue started her leather craft at the young age of 13 and studied design at Kuwasawa Design School. She went on to become an Adjunct instructor in product design at Joshibi University of Art and Design, and in 2012, received special recognition at the Japan Leather Awards.

She leads leather craft classes at Seiwa Leather Craft School and runs occasional pop-up workshops at craft shops in Japan.

We love Urukust for its beautiful designs and commitment to helping people understand the importance and joy of craft design and production.

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Nugoo is one of the respected makers of Tenugui fabric: a precious cloth that can be traced back as early as AD 794, when it was used as accessories for Shinto rituals.

Nugoo uses the Chusen method of traditional design and dyeing which makes its designs so mesmerizing and rich in colour. The designs and weight make them ideal for lampshade making. HOW stocks a range of Tenugui fabric from Nugoo.

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We will be introducing exciting new products from all
of our Japanese partners in the future, making their
extensive range of fabrics, leatherwork, kits, tools
and accessories available for the wider craft
community. So look out for our exciting new

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