DMC Sabae Ring Loupe
DMC Sabae Ring Loupe
DMC Sabae Ring Loupe
DMC Sabae Ring Loupe
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DMC Sabae Ring Loupe

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With a finger cover and small magnifying glass it is made for small tasks such as threading, counting stiches, and enlarging designs.

Using aspherical glass lens, you can comfortably see the magnified area without distortion of the periphery. 

There is a hole for a necklace or chain to pass through, so it can be worn around the neck when working on a piece. 

Material :
Acetate material (part: aspherical glass lens)

What is acetate?

The main raw material of "acetate" used for the Sabae glasses frame is cotton (70% content).

It is a materials which can absorb colour and create rich patterns. Since it is made from a natural material it does not irritate skin if held or touched for long periods, as happens during embroidery. 

Size :
One size

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