Tenugui: Arare-Sky Pink

Tenugui: Arare-Sky Pink

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    • Arare brand Tenugui

    • 100% Cotton

    • Made in Japan

    • 34.5cm x 99cm

    • pink


Nugoo from Japan’s ancient city of Kamakura * make Tenugui using the traditional hand dyeing “Chusen” method. This involves using stencils to create the design pattern, and then using a resist dyeing technique called Sosogizome, pouring a dye compound through the cloth layered with stencils and glue, which adheres the colour to the fabric.

The cloths have the same design on both sides, which is unlike a computer based fabric printing method. It also means that there will be slight variations in the printing colour dependent upon the humidity when dyeing onto the cotton cloth. But this dye also maintains a richness and depth that lasts after many washes.

The rich patterns and colours achieved through this method is what makes the Nugoo cloths so beautiful.

New cloth designs are released every season, and often reflects the changing Japanese seasons, flora and fauna. We will regularly update our shop with new designs to give you a taste of authentic tenugui.

* The Nugoo flagship store Kamakura Wakamiya Daigo, opened in Kamakura (which is about 50 kms south west of Tokyo) in 2006. The other stores are Kamakura Wakamiya Oji , and recently a smaller one, Torii. In 2013, Nugoo store opened in Tokyo in the transformed post office building called the Kitte Marunouchi . This shopping hub with a large central atrium is worth a visit alone, because it houses a wide array of Japanese designers selling clothes, homewares, papergoods, cloth and stationery.

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