Nugoo's treasure ship

Nugoo's treasure ship

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This illustrates Shichifukujin - the Shichi (seven) Fukujin - the 7 Deities of Happiness and Good Fortune. The six gods⁠ and one goddess. They sail into port on a ship laden with treasures every New Year's Eve.⁠⁠

The treasures are: ⁠

 A hat which makes the wearer invisible⁠

 A magic raincoat

⁠ A sacred key⁠

 A inexhaustible purse

 ⁠A clove and other lucky objects⁠⁠.

It is said if you put a picture of the treasure ship under your pillow and you are said to have an auspicious dream. ⁠⁠Perhaps stitched into throw pillow for your bed ⁠⁠could increase your chances! ⁠

Material: 100% cotton
Size: approx 92cm x 32cm

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