Only avail in US: Cohana Sakura 2020 Limited Edition - Glass Marking Pins
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Only avail in US: Cohana Sakura 2020 Limited Edition - Glass Marking Pins

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    • Individually handmade using tombo-dama traditional glass blowing-technique
    • Pink headed pins, Floral motif on one pin head. 
    • Pack of 3 (all pink variations)

* Hinoki pin cushion not included. Product is the 3 marking pins.

The Glass Marking Pins are used to mark positions on fabric when sewing. They are called  “tombo-dama” (glass beads). The ancient tombo-dama technique, established in the Nara period (from 710 A.D) is used to make the floral patterned heads of the glass headed pins.

Each pin is crafted by hand by a small factory in Hiroshima, a town known for this glass making craft. The floral design motif on each pin head is called "millefiori" meaning a thousand flowers.

The Cohana range of artisan sewing tools is produced by the 65 year old manufacturer of sewing supplies, Kawaguchi, who are also the makers of Nuno Deco. They have sourced small manufacturers across the regions of Japan to create a collection of artisan sewing accessories made by hand. Themed using colours which represent the changing seasons, the Cohana range are beautiful pieces designed as practical tools for craft and sewing fan. They are the perfect keepsake or gift for the craft-isan in your life.

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